pilates with rhiannon.

In Haus Pilates Teacher — Rhiannon Clowry

 Elise Murphy — In Haus Yoga Coach

Elise Murphy — In Haus Yoga Coach

Rhiannon believes the body is sacred and it should be cared for through good food choices and exercise that work for individuals. Her approach to Pilates has an emphasis on the individuals and their ability to understand their bodies better. 

intro to pilates.

Pilates with Rhiannon

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and body awareness. This Pilates beginner’s class explores these Pilates concepts:

  • Lateral breathing & how breathing can be used to help assist with exercise
  • Activation & utilisation of the pelvic floor
  • Understanding neutral pelvis & spine, & maintaining them through exercise
  • Pelvis & shoulder stabilisation
  • Scooping of the abdominals
  • Understanding body alignment & increased range of movement
 Rhiannon Clowry — In Haus Pilates Coach

Rhiannon Clowry — In Haus Pilates Coach

In this 60-minute class we focus on the foundation repertoire which will provide you the tools to commence a Pilates Matwork class with confidence and understanding. This class is smaller (maximum of four people) and more hands-on than a group Matwork class, as the aim is to provide a wholistic approach to your body and situation. 

Please note, this class is designed for anybody wanting to explore Pilates and understand Pilates Matwork foundations and who may want to start a term of Pilates Matwork. Mats are provided. Please wear comfortable exercise clothes and bring water for hydration. Shoes are not worn during the class.

pilates matwork foundations.

Pilates with Rhiannon

Pilates Matwork Foundations is a fun way to get fit and healthy, as well as help to strengthen the body to improve performing in other exercises. Pilates Matwork is not like any other exercise, it focuses on teaching participants these Pilates principles:

  • Engaging the transverse abdominals, which are the muscles that wrap around the waist to stabilise the lower back, the trunk of the body and improve pelvis stability and strength 
  • Shoulder stability while getting strength in a better range of movements
  • Core strength & stability 
  • Pelvic floor activation 
 Rhiannon Clowry — In Haus Pilates Coach

Rhiannon Clowry — In Haus Pilates Coach

This six week term will continue to build on the Pilates Matwork foundation repertoire and is a group class size of up to 10 participants. There is a focus on flow of each movement and gradual progressions of the exercises. 

You must have completed a concept class or have had previous experience in Pilates before starting the term. Mats are provided. Please wear comfortable exercise clothes and bring water for hydration. Shoes are not worn during the class. 

pilates payment options.

• $30—one-off intro course ($36 NON MEMBER) • $120—6 week course ($132 NON MEMBER) •